Just for Fun

Such a WONDERFUL SATURDAY!!!!!!!  I slept until WELL AFTER NOON!!!!  I needed it and LOVED IT!!!!!  I turned on the TV and the movie “The Proposal” was on STARZ.  That movie made me LAUGH SO HARD, cry a little (yes, I’m a sap), and REMINDED ME of WHAT MATTERS in LIFE!!!  If you know me, I LOVE to LOVE!!  So, that’s what I did ALL DAY!  I shared my time with and LOVED the ONES that I LOVE!!!!  Every Day is PRECIOUS!!!  I am loving each day and each NEW Adventure!!  This day included school shopping on a TAX FREE WEEKEND!!! OMG!! (I DON’T recommend it) LOL! I had on my #BodyBugg and made an effort to MOVE more during the day.  I ENJOYED IT!  I topped off the night with a midnight movie with my Boo!!  Inception was good…The company was better!!  I LOVE YOU….  Okie Dokie… I’m off to get my 10,000 steps in at Busch Gardens!!!  ENJOY YOUR DAY, ANGELS…..