Health and Wellness

Ahhhhhh Yeeeeah!!!!  #MotivationMay was a SUCCESS!!!  Worked on getting my Diet and Cardio in check!!  I even got my “Home Team” on-board with Weight Watchers!!! I have Constant “IRL” Support… WINNING!!!  So, I was working out my New Goals for the following month (June).  My Walking plan is SET!!!  24 weeks to walking 60 miles in 3 Days.  #UberExcited The Breast Cancer stories continue to MOVE ME TO TEARS!!!  #TooInspiredToBeTired  (That’s the saying on my bracelet)  I wear it as a CONSTANT REMINDER to continue to MOVE FORWARD!

PUMPING SOME IRON:   I mentioned to some of my “Lifting Ladies” that I wanted to increase my weight-lifting to MAXIMIZE my weight-loss!!  What I’ve noticed  (and researched) is that the MORE I resistance train, the more tone I become, the better my clothes fit, and the more calories I burn at rest.  This translates to a nice number on my weekly weigh-ins!! #HappyMonique!  I am still looking for a structured resistance plan that is RIGHT FOR ME!!  I do well with a specific number of sets & reps as well as specific movements for each body part!  I find myself  going to the gym and wasting time (that I don’t have) deciding which movement to do next!!  (Any advice on a STRUCTURED PLAN is WELCOME).  When I mentioned this to @Kait_Dee she suggested I look into 3000 lbs in 30 Days Challenge.  There wasnt another mention of this until TODAY!!  She just slipped it into a BBIM conversation (as a gentle nudge).  That’s when I decided to JUST DO IT!!!   What is “IT” ? Well, for me, its lifting 5000 pounds in 30 Days.  I KNOW this can be done!  I must be PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT! #NotAProblem

HOW WILL I TRACK MY POUNDS:  Basically, I will take the amount of weight (Using the picture above as an example) Curls 1 set of 15 pound weights lifted 10 times is 150 pounds.  I will keep a count of all my pounds lifted each day!  It may be Kettlebells one day, free weights one day, and machines the next… The sky is the limit!!!

So, Now that I’ve explained all the WEIGHT LIFTING FUN that’s going down in June, WHO IS WITH ME?!?  Don’t be afraid!!! Be FEARLESS!!!  The Goal amount can be adjusted!!  I’m doing 5000,  Kait is doing 30,000!!  We BOTH will be PUSHING and we BOTH will be SUCCEEDING!!!  I know that @phatteri and @girlandcoconut are DOWN!!  Are YOU?!? Let me know here in the comments, or on Twitter or Facebook!!  IT WILL BE FUN!!! Don’t worry about getting freakishly BIG (It’s HARDER than you think) Just Remember…..