What I’ve Been Doing…”Motivation May”

Hello ,  friends!!!  Yes, It’s been a while.  I’m going to take this opportunity to let you know what I’ve been doing lately.  I’ve been participating in what we call

 ”Motivation May”

It’s an informal “challenge” created by @cunningmom to keep me, @phatterri, @dailykat, and @MotivationalFit on track with our Healthy Lifestyle!  This month has been a BLAST!!  I have SO MUCH I WANT TO SHARE so this post will be ALL OVER THE PLACE!!  Let me start with the 2 Tweethearts I met going into the Month of May.  I affectionately think of them as 2 of my Birthday gifts (I met them around my Birthday).


The first Tweetheart I met was @Phatteri Her and her DH were vacationing in Orlando.  We decided to meet for lunch.  I’ve never driven to Orlando for lunch (90 minute drive) BUT I KNEW meeting this little “Engine that could” would be worth it!!  She had lost like 100 pounds and is LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!  She is constantly MOVING and I wanted to pick her brain!!  I was CORRECT!!!  She and Hubby were WELL WORTH THE DRIVE!!

@Phatteri and Hubby

The cutest thing happened when we met!  When I got to the restaurant, I gave Terri the biggest hug.  She is like 6’1″ I was totally surprised at her height!!  I noticed QUICKLY that Hubby was missing!!  She looked to her left and waved a suspicious Hubby over to us.  I later found out that he wanted to make sure that I wasnt a SERIAL KILLER!!!! ROTFL!!!  #Adorable!!!   The 3 of us shared many laughs over that lunch!!  Let me just say… I LOVE THESES 2 AMAZING  PEOPLE!!!  We spoke in-depth about what MOTIVATES/INSPIRES her to be HER AWESOME SELF.  Terri is just as LOVING and SUPPORTIVE in person as she is on Twitter!!  Lunch wasnt NEARLY ENOUGH TIME with these 2!!  Luckily,  They invited me to come visit them in Maryland!!!   Hubby said he will cook for us!!!  #ICantWait

The other ” Tweetheart” arrived ALL THE WAY from CANADA!!!!   As “FATE” would have it, My FAVORITE, Most INSPIRATIONAL #MusclePrincess  the POWERHOUSE behind (that title ALWAYS makes me *giggle*) was coming to Florida for a Business trip.  I decided to head up to O-Town to hang with My BBIM Buddy @Kait_Dee .  She too had lost 100 pounds as well as competed in her first Fitness Competition.  She is also the QUEEN of weight watchers.  She BELIEVES that “Living The Plan” brings success to those that DO IT!!!  #SheIsRIGHT ;-) She convinced me to attend meetings instead of doing the program online.  I believe both ways work, However, I am truly enjoying the weekly meetings!!  I’ve also gotten @QTHouseOfBeauty and @Jessimika28 to attend the meetings too!! Just like me and Terri, Kait seemed like an OLD FRIEND even though we were meeting “In Real Life” for the first time!!  Kait and I had A ZILLION THINGS that we wanted to do.  When I got there on Saturday evening, in True “Kait Style” she took out her Blackberry and snapped a shot for Twitter.

Me and @Kait_Dee 5 minutes after we met in Orlando!! #Awesome

After all the “OH MY GOODNESS I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE MEETING IRL!!!” , we headed to Downtown Disney for Dinner and to enjoy the AMAZING FLORIDA NIGHT (She left snow back in Canada).  We had a Great Time!!  She too was HOLY CANOLY ”TALL”!!!  She is 5’8″ and wore like 4″ Heels!! #LargerThanLife We stayed up chatting until the wee hours of the morning!!  On Sunday, We hit the gym BRIGHT AND EARLY for a KILLER WORKOUT!!!!!!   I felt the “PAIN” for like a week after!!! (Don’t Tell her)  After that, we headed to a weight watchers meeting.  It was SO MUCH FUN to spend 30 minutes AT THE SAME MEETING!!!  Kait shared her story with the group.  They were ASTONISHED!!  I think they initially thought “why is she here”  Kait is a Perfect Example of  “You NEVER know what people have been through until you get to know them”.  After the meeting, we even had one of the members at the meeting come to my car and share her story with us.  #TOTALLYCOOL We crammed many other things into the day, But Sharing the gym and Weight Watchers meeting was definitely the HIGHLIGHT!!  Kait made a specific Eating plan for me to MAXIMIZE to weight-loss benefits for me on the weight watchers plan!!  Thank You Kait!!! #ForEverything


Needless to say, These 2 little FIREWORKS Got me FIRED UP for MAY!!! It’s been a very successful month for health and wellness!!  I’ve had inches melt away and pounds drop at my weight watchers weigh in.  Speaking of weight watchers, @Jessimika28 and I walked a 5K last Sunday!!  We had a BLAST!!!!


Walk It 2011 Weight Watchers #5K

@Jessimika28 and I will be walking th 60 miles in 3 Days walk for A Breast Cancer Cure in Tampa  (Oct 28-30)  We are currently in week 22 of a 24 week training plan!!!  (Counting Down)

Last Tidbit that I would like to share is that I have been chosen to be the Florida Representative for the #WeeklyFitnessChallenge Team!!   It’s All About SHARING the Healthy Lifestyle with others!!  Click on THIS LINK to learn more!! ;-) ~> Thank You @GeoffHampton / @weeklyfitnessch for this opportunity!!!