Here are the “ABCs of ME”. I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN (A total Farragut girl). I’m a FUN-LOVING, THRILL-SEEKING Podiatric Physician currently practicing in Florida. The Land of SUN and FUN (and minimal clothing for the better part of the year). I recently turned 38 (April 24, 2010). I’m a person that sets her mind to do something, and then I go out there and JUST DO IT!!!

As a child, I was the FIRST PERSON PICKED for ALL THINGS sports related. Often picked before the boys!!! BOOYA!!! I played basketball, volleyball, tennis, ran track (sprinter), but my LOVE was SOCCER (McDonald’s All-American in High school).

Fast forward to 20 years later, I find myself MORE THAN 100 Pounds overweight!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I will tell you how. The weight started to creep on in medical school. Carrots didn’t keep me awake for those ALL NIGHT study sessions. POPCORN, PIZZA, and COKE did the trick!!! During residency, the MADNESS continued. By the time I hit the work force, the DAMAGE was done. I’ve reached my Professional Goals, NOW its time to FOCUS ON ME!!

I’ve ALWAYS KNOWN what I NEED TO DO to REACH MY WEIGHT LOSS Goals. I NEED to bring my INNER ATHLETE back to the OUTSIDE!! I’ve ALWAYS BELIEVED that GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. I PRAYED for an ANGEL, and Lori appeared in my Twitter Stream! With LORI as My INSPIRATION, I have decided to RUN the Disney Half Marathon on January 8, 2011. NOW IS THE TIME!!! I’M READY to LOSE THIS WEIGHT, RUN THE DISNEY HALF and HOPEFULLY INSPIRE OTHERS to “DARE TO BECOME!!!!”

I’m looking forward sharing this journey with you. It is my WISH that we will LEARN and GROW…… TOGETHER. Are you READY? I AM!!!!

Let’s Do This!!!!